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4801845-green-rice-stalk-ready-to-harvest-in-next-month-121We're experiencing one of the hottest, driest summers in history.  We all know we need to water our plants and yards but even more importantly, we need to keep the foundation under our homes moist. 

Texas soils are expansive soils that act like a sponge, swelling as they absorb water and shrinking as they lose water.  Soils tend to dry out and shrink during the summer and absorb water during the winter and spring.

As the soil under a home shrinks and swells with the seasons, the foundation will shift or move.  As long as the foundation movement is not great enough to damage the house or foundation, you will not have a problem. However, if the movement is great enough to crack the slab, you have a huge problem.  It's expensive to repair and will…

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I realize that some people may think an inspection done prior to putting a home on the market is just a crazy idea and a complete waste of money.  These very same people may think that the less they know about something, the better,  or have the,"I'll deal with it when we get there." attitude.  But wait a minute.  Let's look at this from another angle.

Selling a home in this economy is difficult.   We have many more homes for sale than we have buyers.   If you will be listing your home for sale in the next couple of months,  you may want to consider a home pre-inspection.  A home pre-inspection can identify potential deal killers, reduce repair costs with time for competitive bids, position the home to sell for maximum value, allows the listing agent to…

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