It's Bigger Than Me

Posted by Janet Owens on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 at 12:43pm.

Most of you don't know that I'm an avid cyclist.  I love riding my bike.  As a matter of fact, I love riding it so much that I've committed and talked my husband Burt into committing to ride in the MS 150 in April 2019.  It's a 150 mile journey from Houston to Austin over a 2 day period and mostly uphill.  Let the training begin!

 But, this isn't the real story. I   want to make  the ride       personal.  I thought that I   would  come closer to   crossing the   finish   line if I  actually knew   someone   with MS.  I don't,  not   yet   anyway.   Tomorrow I will.                                                                             I've reached out to friends,   neighbors, and  colleagues to   find someone I can talk with  that has MS.  It turns out that   an acquaintance of mine has   a son-in-law with  MS. They live   in Dallas so I'll get to know   them via phone & probably     social media. I'm so looking     forward to connecting with     them and learning their story.                                                                       I want to know more about MS   and how it affects day to day   living as well as that of their     spouse or caregiver.  Hopefully  I'll have a better understanding of the disease and  the struggles associated with it and that understanding will help me get through the pain of riding 150 miles - uphill.  Best of all, I'll get to know two darling young people as we ride this journey together.  That's the real story!

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