5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Lake Conroe Waterfront Property

Posted by Janet Owens on Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 at 4:42pm.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Waterfront Home on Lake Conroe

Hordes of people come to Lake Conroe every year to experience everything this beautiful location has to offer. It has some of the best fishing, boating, and swimming in the county, making it a popular vacation destination for many Texans.

Owning a waterfront property on Lake Conroe is a dream for many homebuyers. All the of the lake's most phenomenal activities are no further than your own backyard.

Although waterfront properties give you access to terrific amenities that other homes simply can't, they come with their own concerns that you should consider before diving head first into a sale's agreement.

To make sure you know what you're getting into, here are five questions you should ask before buying a Lake Conroe waterfront property:

What is the Water Like?

Most homebuyers choose to live on the lake so they can have unparalleled access to a plethora of water activities, like boating, paddle boarding, and fishing.

You can imagine how disappointed you would be if you found out afterwards that your water access can't accommodate a dock or a boat.

So, make sure you ask your real estate agent and other community members what the water is like.

Most properties on Lake Conroe allow residents private boat docks where you can launch your boat or kayak, but there are some properties that simply don't allow this because of the shallow depth of the water.

Be sure to ask about the depth of the water and the popular activities in the area. This way, you'll know exactly what you can and cannot do on the lake.

Keep reading to learn more about what to ask before buying a Lake Conroe waterfront property or begin searching for your dream home on the lake on our Lake Conroe real estate listings page.

Can I Build a Dock?

The allure of waterfront properties on Lake Conroe is that you have easy access to the water via a dock.

If this is one of the luxuries you want on your property, make sure you ask if you can build a dock before you buy the home.

The city has restrictions and regulations on building docks, so hire a professional who knows the up-to-date bylaws. There are usually notes that specify where you are allowed to put your dock and what materials you need to use.

You always need to submit an application for a construction permit, so make sure you have all the documentation that the city requires.

If the property already has a dock, get a professional who can inspect it to see if it's up to code and safe to use. If the dock does not meet the city regulations, you'll have to decide whether or not it's worth fixing it up.

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What Am I Buying With the Purchase of the Property?

When you have a private beachfront, everyday is a vacation—you can lay out on the sand and enjoy the soft sound of the waves without being disturbed by tons of beachgoers.

This is the experience people usually expect when they buy a waterfront property. But not all homes offer this luxury.

Sometimes, lakefront properties don't extend all the way to the shoreline—the city may own that sliver of land. If the city owns the beachfront, the land is open to the public, so it's possible you may see people meandering on the lakeshore behind your home.

If you want to avoid public access to the waterfront, ask your real estate agent about the specifics of the property line.

Is the Home Maintenance More Costly?

The dream of living on the waterfront is spending all your days by the water. The reality is that there is a long list of maintenance that comes with being at this location.

Homes situated on Lake Conroe typically have higher maintenance costs compared to other homes. The weather on the lake is amplified, so homes are disposed to wear and tear you simply won't find with non-lakeside homes.

Oftentimes, these properties need frequent maintenance on outdoor pipes, siding, and roofs. Since some of these maintenance tasks can be quite costly, make sure you get a home inspector to see when they were last serviced or replaced.

As the years go on, though, be aware that you'll be putting in extra money for maintenance and repairs.

Will the Home Insurance Be Higher?

Homes on Lake Conroe have an increased risk for natural damage, so insurance is typically higher than non-waterfront properties. Each neighborhood is slightly different, so ask your realtor what you should expect for the price of insurance.

Homes on the water can experience flooding and water damage because of their location. So, consider buying extra flood insurance.

Flood insurance will add a few hundred dollars onto your bill every year, but it's a better alternative to paying a large sum for potential water damage.

If you're planning on buying a home on Lake Conroe, it's important to ask these questions so you know exactly what to expect. At the end of the day, though, you'll fall in love with living on the waterfront for its incredible views and even better activities.

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